Places to Go - Learning About the Classics at Orphie and the Book of Heroes - Kennedy Center Family Theater (Washington DC)


As I've mentioned many times, this has been a LAZY winter for us, so in an effort to leave the house I bought tickets for Orphie and the Book of Heroes at the Kennedy Center's Family Theater. The musical tells the story of, Orphie, an orphan girl who lives with Homer in Ancient Greece (well, in a rather imagined Ancient Greece, which contains elements of modern and ancient life) and dreams of becoming a hero (a framed poster of Hercules hangs over Orphie's bed, girl crush style). In a somewhat random turn of events, Homer is captured by Hades, the god of the underworld, and Orphie travels to save him.

As my kids have almost no knowledge of Greek mythology, some of the jokes went over their heads, but still the play kept us all entertained - especially the three drag-queen sirens, who were funny enough to warrant a sequel, and the crazy-conceited Hercules.

Regarding the play's overall "theme", I have such mixed feelings about the media's obsession with telling girls "you can be knights, heroes, ?, too." As my kids never seem to question that girls can be whatever they want to be until books/movies/plays show girls who are mocked for trying (in this case, three mean "bullies" taunt Orphie's dreams of heroism).

But all in all, the kids seemed thoroughly entertained. On the walk to the car, T said the play was "awesome. but not as awesome as Medieval Times because those knights used their swords more", which is about as good of a play review as you can hope for from my 4.5 year old. P and F both called the play "weird", but then spent the ride home discussing their favorite parts, which, for me, demonstrates a successful performance (everyone laughed about Hades' habit of saying "What the here is going on here?"). And I always love how Kennedy Center children's plays come with a kids' activity book that discusses the production in a fun illustration-filled way.

The play runs through February 25. Tickets are $20. Click here for more info. (And if you're in the mood for cinema rather than theater, we saw the Lego Movie on Sunday, which is also pretty hysterical).

How was your weekend?


Of course, no visit to the Kennedy Center is complete without a run around the balconies, regardless of temperature.

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  1. I am so, SO glad I found your blog. I love your photos and the fact that you're a Virginian just like me kind of makes me a little biased. I'm a photographer/blogger/writer in the Newport News, soon-to-be-New-Kent-County area of VA. I love reading your posts and can't wait to come back soon for more!




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