Things to Do - 12 in 12 (February 2014)

I'm cheating this month and posting 14 pics instead of 12, because Wednesday, February 12th was a really good (full) day. And because 13 has a bad reputation so we had to round up. Yes, totally cheating. Next month I'll keep it in check. And don't forget to head on over to Not-So-SAHM and Where the Watermelons Grow to learn about their day.

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8:15 am- P finishes her homework, while T's friend plays with guns (when F has student council meetings in the mornings, my friend Trina brings F to grade school and I bring her son to preschool).

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8:45 am - Walking P to school. T talked on his walkie talkie the whole way there, he didn't seem to care that nobody was on the other end.

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noon - Drink an apple/cucumber/lemon/kale concoction after Bikram Yoga. Dan and I are on a three day juice cleanse (purchased here). I would like to pretend that this is because I'm a super healthy fit person, but really I had no desire to cook for three days and the idea of taking a jar out of the fridge every two hours appealed to me (plus, the juices taste super yummy).

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12:35 pm - Pick T up from preschool. He made me a Valentine. Happiness.

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1:15 pm - Soccer class. I should post pictures of my awesome kid rocking it out, but instead I'm posting a blurry pic of my friend's adorable baby trying to figure out how balls work. Because babies are cute and I don't have one anymore.

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2:00 pm - Group picture. I love this shot because T arranged it and talked everyone into posing together, "guys, my mom needs to take a lot of pictures today, so let's sit here and smile, k? Mom, how do we look?"

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2:30 pm - A huge snow pile next to the library begs to be climbed (oops, I mean "conquered"). This is why it takes us hours to go anywhere.


3:00 pm - Pirate playdate, but before the ship takes off treasure maps must be created.


3:45 pm - We walk to pick the girls up from school and their friends both ask them over for playdates. So it's just me, the dog, and the pirates walking home. Cool.

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4:00 pm - My friend Lola stops by for tea (usually we drink wine, but I'm still juice cleansing. Bummer).


5:30 pm - We open a Valentine's Day care package from Grandma Troutman. So so much excitement. Plus, two super cute homemade sweaters.

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6:30 pm - Dinner conversation becomes very animated. T feels it's necessary to stand. I am sick of drinking juice and stare longingly at the children's pizza.


8:00 pm - Watching the Olympics before bedtime. We don't have cable so last week I hooked up a digital antenna for our bedroom tv. As I'm not tech savvy, this accomplishment makes me very proud.


  1. Looks like such a great day! Juice cleanses are the worst. I did one for 7 days once and seriously almost maimed someone.

  2. This post makes me really miss the neighborhood :(

  3. E and C are psyched to make the blog!!! I hope you are drinking wine and eating pizza by now!!



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