Things to Do - My Newest Obsession - The Waterlogue App


I may be late to the party on this one, but in the last few weeks I've become obsessed (as in OBSESSED) with the iphone waterlogue app, which makes instagram seem so yesterday. The app turns iphotos into miniature watercolor paintings. And, just like instagram, the app comes with various filters for different types of effects (not surprisingly, my favorite is "bold" with it's bright technicolor renderings).

But my favorite part of the app is watching the paintings "develop" on the screen, sort of 2014's version of the Polaroid - first the photo is reduced to a sketch and then slowly colors appear throughout the white. Fascinating to watch.

What's your lately app obsession? Any suggestions?


I keep trying to take pics of brightly colored things, like bookshelves in our home and beauty projects at the hair salon.


  1. I love the Waterlogue app! I've printed out so many beach "paintings" to hang around our house. I love that they're from our own photos and they've definitely saved me a lot of cash buying more expensive, less personal art. Have you printed any?

  2. No, I haven't printed any. I'm super curious - do you print them like regular photographs (through shutterfly or mpix)? How big can you print? I love this idea.

    1. I just printed them out on my home printer. For a few I used cardstock but regular printer paper worked fine, too. Then matted them and hung them up. If you want bigger prints, I think you should be able to choose the large option and send them to get printed at Kinkos or something!

  3. WOW! i looooooove these!!!!! little paintings!



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