Things to Make - Life Size Self-Portraits, Round II


A few years ago, the girls and I rolled out butcher paper and traced their full-body profiles, in order to make life-size self-portraits (click here to see the results). A few weeks ago, on yet another snow day, P and her best-friend, L, asked if we could try the project again. And, as a parent, it was a really fun way to see how their art has changed over the years.

As with last time, the hardest part is tracing everyone, esp. the long hair. When I traced too close to the girls' actual bodies, they couldn't stop laughing, so I had to do my best. Other than that the project went really well - the girls' spent a good hour or so creating their likenesses (and they even helped each other). And now I have new "art" for the walls.


T skipped out on the art project and "journaled" instead.



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