Places to Go - Floating & Fishing at River Run Campground (Rileyville, VA)


Since we returned from our 5 week road trip, I've wanted to go camping almost every weekend. In some ways this isn't surprising, as I've always liked to camp. But now that we have better systems in place - a container full of plates, towels, and silverware; all of our sleeping bags in one set location; tents in an easily accessible corner of the garage - camping seems EASIER. In just a few minutes, we can throw most of what we need in the car and go. And if we forget something? Well, we usually only camp for one night anyways.

Though, honestly, now that all three kids can pack themselves all weekend trips are so much easier.

Anyways, once we decide to camp, the big question is always - where to go?

A few years ago, when we floated down the Shenandoah River (posted here), we passed by numerous people camping on the river. So for Dan's birthday this year, I used my google skills to try and find the best of the riverfront camping options.

And eventually I found River Run Campground. On the downside, the sites are primitive (no water or hook-ups and only port-a-potties for bathrooms) and somewhat close together - they are basically big rectangles with the small side facing the river, so the sites are large in that you have a ton of space to park and camp, but you are still close to your neighbors.

On the upside, the riverfront sites were clean, the views were GORGEOUS, and each site comes with a picnic table and firepit. Further, the proprieters sell floating tubes for $10 and they will drop off firewood at your campsite for an additional fee. The port-a-potties were clean, but not sparkling, if you know what I mean.

All in all, River Run Campground was a great place to spend a night. The kids had a blast in the river (all except for F, who remains somewhat appalled that we camped without flushing toilets nearby), though the bank might be somewhat steep for preschool-age kids or younger. Click here for more info.


We even have a camping table cloth, that's when you know we're becoming serious campers (or so I'd like to believe).


I tried to "fancy-up" our dinner by pre-making hobo snacks to cook over the campfire (Italian sausage, cut up potatoes, and red peppers) and they were SO GOOD!!


The non-river front campsites were all unoccupied, so the kids had a huge field to run in and tons of hay bales to climb.


For T, the highlight of the trip was sleeping side-by-side with his best friend, Coco the dog.

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