Things to Do - Random Links & 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime

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Another shot of chaos from our hotel room in Kansas. Have a great weekend everyone!! And, if you have a chance, don't forget to check out this week's awesome on 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime!


* I cannot wait to see this movie!

* Amazing photos of Mexico.

* For local folks, my kids CANNOT WAIT to see Raina Telgemeier at the National Book Festival (their whole line-up this year is pretty fantastic). Both girls binge-read her newest novel, Ghosts, the day it came out (and have read it over and over again since then).

* Loved this video on The Night Of (such a good show) and the rule of thirds.

* This mom/daughter text exchange regarding tampons is just awesome.

* Pinksourcing. Funny. Kristen Bell just keeps getting better and better.

* "Ketchup sandwiches and other things stupid poor people eat."

* For photographers, this is a really great class. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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