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I have exciting news to share today - my friend Rebecca, from Not-So-SAHM, published a book and it's crazy awesome - full of fun things to do with your kids - from art and science projects to museums and field trips.

I've always loved Rebecca's blog and seeing her parenting philosophy captured in a book has made for a great read. In particular, I enjoyed reading about Rebecca's "personal approach to activities." As Rebecca explains, when looking for things to do with her children, she's had the best success "starting with [herself].

"Ask yourself what things do you want to do explore or learn more about? Pick one and start there. And then watch as your children react to activities involving that interest. I'm going to guess that as a parent of young kids, you're thinking something along the lines of:'Coffee. Coffee is something I can get into.' If so, find a local roaster and take the kids for a field trip! Maybe they'll be enamored by machinery, maybe they'll enjoy the smell, or maybe you'll come up with an art project out of coffee grounds. Or maybe you'll just get an amazing cup of coffee out of it."

That paragraph is probably the best parenting advice I've ever heard.

But the book also has so so much more - bouncy eggs, play dough, cloud classifiers, fake snow, frozen shaving cream (who knew you could freeze shaving cream?), etc. The kids and I can't wait to try several of these projects ourselves. I was planning to include photos of our own experiences with shaving cream in this post. But, it's the end of summer vacation, and I'm losing steam. So you'll have to wait a few more weeks.

In the meantime, Rebecca's book is available on Amazon, click here to pick up a copy! The activities are all open ended, so they should work with kids of all ages, but I think parents of children aged 4-7 would find the book especially helpful!

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