Things to Do - Grateful List (August 2016)

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Happy Friday everyone!! Just when this week was going great, I realized that my ENTIRE BLOGROLL DISAPPEARED. WTF? So I'm trying to rebuild, but be patient as it will take awhile (probably a LONG while). Though maybe it's a good thing, sort of like cleaning house.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great weekend. It seems odd to post about August at the end of September, but life moves so quickly these days.

I took the image above in my office, which gets the best light. I love when I come into the room and see the kids staring out the window.

Don't forget to check out this week's awesome on 5 Hours 'Til Bedtime!


* Watching Bad Moms with some of the best moms I know (I loved this movie!!)
* Watching Stranger Things on Netflix (so addictive!!)
* Watching Kubo and the Three Strings
* Watching the Night of on HBO
* Attending Cirque De Soleil's Kurios with F and P

* F constantly cooking us yummy food from the Forest Feast for Kids
* Deep fried oreos at the county fair

* Camping at River Run campground for Dan's birthday
* Taking the kids to Water Country USA the week before school started (it was empty)

* A much needed dinner playdate at Julia's house
* Our lazy weekend at home - T walking the dogs, F cooking, P making videos, and all the kids building a spaceship in our basement
* Dan's parents watching the kids for a week (thank you!)

VACTION (Roadtrip 2016)

Day 23 - Denver

* Ghostbusters with all the kids (yay Bechtel test winners!)
* Used book store shopping

Day 24 - Denver - Indian Peaks Wilderness

* Hiking to Mitchell Lake
* Asparagus, pesto, doodle pasta at Carolyn's house (so so good!)
* Sunset over the mountains on Carolyn's back deck

Day 25 - Denver - Waterworld

* Journey to the Center of the Earth with the kids (my favorite water ride ever)
* Closing out Waterworld
* The 4 girls all bonding while moms and sons went on waterslides together
* T and Scott playing imaginary games for hours
* The girls performing Hamilton for us

Day 26 - Denver - drive to Lone Tree

* Another morning at the used bookstore
* Quiet time at Allie's
* Magic Mushroom's feta pizza
* A 72 degree overcast day after weeks of heat

Day 27 - Denver - Art museum

* Women of Abstract Expressionism & Why We Dance at the Denver Art Museum
* Drinks with Allison until midnight (while watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics)

Day 28 - Denver to Salina, KS

* P on Denver, "it was like a whole week of sleepovers, which, is my jam."
* Castlewood Canyon's waterfall
* The girls researching feminist t-shirts online
* An easy (but boring) 6 hour drive
* The Olympics!!

Day 29 - Salina, KS to Great Wolf Lodge, KS

* Waterslides plus a huge room = happiness
* Simone Biles' floor routine
* GWL serves beer!

Day 30 - GWL to St. Louis, MO

* A nice big airbnb with plenty of space to introvert
* the crazy cheapness of Aldi
* A relaxed night of sangria and Olympics with my mom and her friend, Jan
* Much needed new clothes for the kids from grandma

Day 31 - St. Louis - Art Museum

* Ameircan Innovators at the St. Louis art museum (we also loved the contemporary art section)
* Laumeier sculpture park at dusk
* Staying up late to watch the US women's gymnastic team win the all around gold

Day 32 - St. Louis - City Museum

* 5 hours in City Museum and we could have stayed longer. This place was AMAZING!!

Day 33 - St. Louis, MO to Columbus, OH

* Arriving at Aunt Ann's to pizza and wine (plus a puppy for T to play with)
* Great conversation after a LONG day in the car

Day 34 - Columbus, OH to HOME!!!

* Visiting great grandma in her nursing home
* Arriving home to a fantastic homemade dinner (thank you Dan!!) and happy hour at our friends house (so much fun!!)

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