Places to Go (Vacation) - Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater in the Laurel Highlands (Mill Run, PA)


A large incentive for our Laurel Highlands vacation was the fact that Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpiece, Fallingwater, resides about 15 minutes from the Nemacolin Resort. Many years ago, my mom and I toured Wright's Dana-Thomas house in Springfield, IL and we still talk about it. Wright's architectural visions extended to every detail of the houses he designed - from furniture to fabrics to dishware (Wright hated lipstick marks on china, so he designed cups with red circles to disguise the stains). If he was my architect (as if I have my own architect) I would find it annoying to have so little say in the pillows on my couch, but his "total vision" concept makes his houses really fun to tour, as everything flows together so well.

Part of me wanted to hate Fallingwater because I'm so sick of the hype, but it really is quite stunning to visit - the huge balconies, the low couches, the curious windows, and especially the stairs leading from the living room to the river below. The tour guide stated that the house looks and feels completely different in every season and I would love to see it in summer, when the rhododendron bloom. You're not allowed to take pictures inside, but some beautiful interior shots are available through google images. Tickets cost $20 per person (a grounds-only ticket is $8) for more information on events and tours, click here.

Fallingwater IS NOT preschooler-friendly (children must be 6 years of age), so we used this opportunity to check out Nemacolin's Kids' Club. On the downside, the price was STEEP ($50 per child for a half-day, $75 for a whole day). On the upside, in three hours the girls - went on a preschooler-zipline, ran a ropes course, and played mini-golf. I was impressed. The activities for toddlers are more basic, but still T was laughing when I picked him up, which I took as a good sign.

And of course, we spent the whole morning and evening visiting Nemaocolin's animals and playgrounds.

The camel was super-friendly. T had a great conversation with him. The camel seemed to understand more than I did.

I found this fisherman statue shockingly realistic. Which was sort of creepy in a way.

And, of course, another evening at the playground. Right before the rain hit.

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  1. I really like these moments outside, just before it starts to rain. Beautiful pictures.



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