Places to Go (Vacation) - The Nemacolin Resort in the Laurel Highlands (Farmington, PA)



For Spring Break, the kids and I met my mom and a good family friend at the Nemacolin resort in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania (3.5 hours from DC, 9.5 hours from Chicago). We stayed in the resorts' Links Townhouses (for a discount rate due to deal I booked through Sniqueaway) and the kids had a blast. First of all, the resort is HUGE (two separate golf courses are on site). Further, the resort contains several wild-animal habitats (buffalo, zebras, camels, lions, bears, long-horned sheep, etc.) which reside right down the road from the Links' townhouses, as do two small but well-equipped playgrounds. We could even view the zebras from the townhouses' back deck. I thought watching the animals play was fascinating (like a zoo but with no crowds), but the kids kept saying "okay, mom, enough bears for today let's get to the swings." The resort also has - several restaurants (from casual dining to five star); a kids' place with bowling, video games, and pool tables; a GREAT spa; a kids' spa (is this really necessary?); mini-golf; an off-road driving academy; a ropes course; pools (indoor and outdoor); and LOTS more. Oh, and let's not forget the all-ages kids' club. They've really gone out of their way to market themselves as a family destination and the surrounding countryside is nothing short of breathtaking.

This was the first time I've seen my mom since my dad's death and I think we both enjoyed getting away for awhile and watching the kids play and discover. Unfortunately, T had a cold and couldn't sleep most nights, so I didn't quite get the "vacation" I had hoped for. But if I have to forgo sleep it feels nice to do so in such a beautiful setting. Especially one that comes with housecleaning.

Check back in throughout the week as I post about other fun things we did in the Laurel Highlands.


*Apparently photographing bears in the wild is very similar to photographing them at the zoo (crowd-wise).


*I sort of want this, even though T would destroy it in mere seconds (link via Modish).

*I know it's cheesy, but this makes me smile.


*John Cusack - the high school crush I never got over. Here's why.

*I never appreciated the art of millinery until now.


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  1. Are. those. bears? 0.0
    I want to see bears in real life at close proximity too!!!

    Belly B



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