Places to Go (Vacation) - Disneyworld, Part IV - Epcot. The First Stop on Our Roadtrip of the South.


For our final morning at Disneyworld, we went to Epcot. I'm not a huge Epcot fan, as I don't really see how it all comes together, unlike the cohesiveness of Disney's other parks Epcot just seems sort of random and kitsch-less (and I like kitsch). Plus everything seems to be sponsored by a major corporation so I don't trust it's supposed-educational bent. On the upside, Epcot was BY FAR the least-crowded of all the parks, lines averaged about 10 minutes or less (HALLELUJAH!!). We went on the Land ride twice, which as a story made no sense to me (somehow we move from a rainforest to a desert to a vague description of farms to a greenhouse??) but at least it's pretty. Once you reach the greenhouse section of "the Land" you see all these super-cool farming methods Disney is adopting. Such as connecting a garden to harvested fish so that the fish waste fertilizes the garden. And growing vegetable "trees" (red peppers and tomatos) to increase harvest size.


After the Land we headed for the Seas, which was sort of BLAH (plus I'm not a huge fan of dark, cave-like environments). Then the Imagination Ride with Figment (very BLAH) and over to Mexico for some completely pointless yet-beautiful ride (sort of like Small World meets Donald Duck meets Mayan temples) which was wonderfully air-conditioned.

Hot, tired, and ready to return to normal life, we climbed into the mini-van and started the 5.5 hour drive to the second stop on our roadtrip of the South - SAVANNAH, GA!!


T's favorite part of Epcot was finding leaves on the sidewalk. Seriously, the leaves enthralled him.

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  1. To truly appreciate Figment you needed to experience that ride for the first time at age 9. :)



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