Places to Go (Vacation) - Savannah, GA, Part I - Squares & Parks. The Second Stop on Our Roadtrip of the South.



We spent our first morning in Savannah, GA strolling from square to square. In Disneyworld Dan and I realized that our kids can walk long distances, so we decided to take advantage of our newfound knowledge.

Savannah has several squares and each one is within viewing distance of the next one, all of which are full of statutes of important people and spanish moss hanging from the trees. After the organized-chaos of Disney, it felt great to just relax. The kids seemed to feel the same way, as summarized by F "wow, I love it here, even if the parks [squares] don't have playgrounds." At each square, F made me read to her all the info on the statues, then she's ask "So is he dead mom?" And I'd have to tell her, yes, all these people died a long time ago. To which she always responded "that's so sad."

Eventually we made it to the world-famous Forsyth Park and its beautiful fountain. The park has two playgrounds and the kids spent HOURS running around and making new friends. Which, for us, came as a much needed reminder that, as fun as Disney is, kids can have just as much fun with a slide, some swings, and a little shade. A schoolgroup showed up and I watched a (12 year old?) backflip midair off the swing. I've heard such a thing is possible, but I've never actually witnessed it. It felt like a circus show, I actually clapped. The boy looked at me like "what's wrong with this lady?"

A stranger gave both the girls those beautiful flowers. I think I was supposed to pay him or offer him money or something, but I was too busy chasing after T.

The famous Forsyth fountain is pictured above. I don't have many great pictures as once we told the girls a playground was on site, we couldn't really stop for long.

HAPPY TUESDAY EVERYONE!! More on Savannah tomorrow . . .


  1. I love Savannah! If you have the time you must go to this amazing shop called The Paris Market and Brocante.

  2. Great pics! So glad the kids liked the squares.



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