Things to Do - TWO!!


TWO!! He's really two, I know how cheesy this sounds, but I really can't believe it. I enjoy this stage (tantrums and everything), but there's something bittersweet about the fact that my youngest is no longer a baby (i.e. I'm OLD). On the other hand, life really is getting easier. Last weekend, I read a book on a blanket in the yard while T played with trucks next to me and F read stories to P in the hammock. And a few days ago, at the playground, I read two whole New Yorker articles while T made me "pasta" out of mulch and F & P bonded with a girl they met. Some days I can actually feel the stress leaving my body.

For T's birthday, we had a small celebration. F's playgroup meets on Fridays, so I invited everyone over for decorate-your-own-cupcake and an Elmo pinata. I thought I'd finally escaped my bad pinata karma (click here for the story) but the strings didn't release the candy, so the big kids took turns beating Elmo up. I worried that this would traumatize T, but he seemed so overwhelmed by it all that I couldn't gauge his response.


My mom bought him this truck set for his birthday and he takes everywhere (he even sleeps with it). It's funny, when the girls were little I NEVER let them walk around in just diapers. For reasons that seem silly now I associated unclothed children with bad parenting. I assumed that people would think "how can we trust a woman who can't even put clothes on her baby?" (actually people really do think things like this or so I've learned from DC Urban Moms). But now that it's summer we often leave T only in a diaper and I find him adorable like that. I guess I've finally realized how fleeting these stages are - how he'll soon be out of diapers and picking out "big-boy" underwear. And then grade school and prom and etc. (okay, so I'm getting ahead of myself).

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