Places to Go (Vacation) - Walking on the Beach in Charleston, SC


Last weekend I spent three incredibly relaxing days in Charleston, SC with one of my favorite people and her husband (also a favorite person). When Laurie asked what I wanted to do on the visit I replied "sleep in. late. really late." And this basically set the tone.

The downside of living in DC is that everyone always leaves you, the upside is you always have a place to stay . . .

Highlights include:

* Pickled okra. I could go on and on about how this is the most fantastic food ever. But you're either in or you're out. Some people never understand true beauty.

* Oktoberfest at Closed for Business. Because everyone needs to drink at 2 in the afternoon. Until about 6 at night. Obviously.

* Dinner at Husk. I've wanted to eat there ever since I read this article in the New Yorker two years ago. And it was worth the wait. Absolutely incredible.

* Homemade bbq and collard greens coupled with HGTV marathons (wow, those Property Brothers are truly amazing, as is Jon's cooking).

* An almost hurricane that came and left in the middle of the night. No damage done.

* Strolling the bayou of Middleton Place (more pics to follow).

* A long walk on the beach on Kiawah Island (with birds, oh so many birds).

* Facetime with home (wow, this really is the best invention ever. Not sure why it took me so long to catch on).

And, most importantly, a whole weekend with one of my best friends. I know how happy she is there. And this makes me happy. But sometimes I still miss her like crazy.

HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND EVERYONE! (And if you have a chance, I highly recommend sleeping in. Sleep really is all sorts of awesome).


  1. Charleston is one of my favorite cities in the US. I grew up going there as a kid, and it made the perfect mix of beach/historic gorgeous old city. And the food! Good grief! Sounds like you had a great getaway.

    We live in Norfolk, VA, a huge Navy town which tends to be transient in other regards, so I totally get what you mean about people always leaving you. But, because of it we get to go to Nantucket for Thanksgiving! ;)

  2. Nothing beats a vacation spent on the beach with incredibly delicious food. That is what I see in Charleston only that it is one of the warmest places I've been to because of the people. :)
    - VacationCentralFlorida.com



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