Things to Do - Watch More TV With Your Kids (Seriously)

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We don't watch much TV as a family. Don't get me wrong - we all watch TV - T on the ipad glued to Fireman Sam, the girls in the basement with Jessie (most annoying theme song ever) and Dan and me upstairs, after the children go to bed, immersed in Breaking Bad's final season (so sad it's over now) or laughing hysterically at It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

We just don't often watch anything TOGETHER. Perhaps this is due to the fall of the family sitcom (outside Modern Family, which still seems a little "adult" for young kids, what is there?). We also cancelled cable a few months ago, making it impossible to channel surf (we still have Amazon streaming, Netflix streaming, and Hulu). For a while we tried Project Runway, but Hulu will only allow viewers to watch from a computer, which isn't ideal for family viewing.

So lately we're making an effort to watch more TV together. But we can't find much to watch. A friend recommended Master Chef Junior, which seems like a great idea. Another friend suggested America's Funniest Home Videos, but I'm not sure I'm up for that much cheese. Any other recommendations?? Please help. What do you watch as a family?

Movie recommendations would also be helpful - we've watched Singing in the Rain, ET, Brave, and Star Wars over and over again, but could really use something new.

On a completely different note, the popcorn buckets above were gifted from Personal Creations, which have become one of our family's favorite presents ever. No more fighting over popcorn, now everyone has their own labeled bucket (with extra in the large tub, for emergencies of course :).

Seriously, I never knew one gift could improve sibling dynamics to such a large degree. Now I'm considering labeled bowls for everything in life, unfortunately I don't think I'm organized enough to make it work. Personal Creations also sell personalized story books (which I think would make perfect Xmas gifts) and lots of other great gifts for entertaining. Click here to check out the whole site.


  1. omg love these pix! Ok TV. a topic I take Most Seriously. well i don't know how well this would go over in your household, but lately my almost 8 yr old has been loving pretty much any kind of nature documentary. (as long as it's not too gory with cute animals getting eaten) And we watch them all together. She's been into 'Nature', 'Walking with Dinosaurs', 'Walking with Beasts' (actually some of the dino documentaries are a teensy bit bloody but she doesn't mind that!).

    Movies: well we recently all watched Beverly Hills Chihuahua 1 & 2 and she LOVED those. My husband just shook his head and sighed. We're about to watch Star Wars for the 1st time. Have you seen any of the Miyazaki japanese animated films? Pure brilliance. 'My Neighbor Totoro' 'Kiki's Delivery Service', 'Ponyo'.

  2. Melissa - Thank you so much! Dan loves nature documentaries, so those are great ideas. And I've never seen most of the japanese anime films, so those work great as well.



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