Things to Do - Grateful List (September 2013)

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* Watching The Beautiful Now
* Reading What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank (the short story)
* Reading Lives of Mothers & Daughters: Growing Up with Alice Munro (a used copy only cost $4 before she won the Nobel, at least I've made one good investment this year).
* Watching Drinking Buddies
* Watching Toy Story outside at Penrose Square
* Attending the Corcoran's War Photography exhibit
* Reading Family Happiness & the Cossacks (Tolstoy)
* Watching The League, Season 1 with Dan at night (so so funny)
* Listening to Grouplove's Betty's a Bombshell & Gregory Isakov's Big Black Car
* Attending Detroit at Wooly Mammoth Theater

* Hummus and rice fritters w/tahini salad dressing
* Passata with roasted tomatoes (via Whole Larder Love)
* Gwyneth's quinoa/rice bowls (esp. with eggplant)
* Rasika with Shannon
* Crispin Cider (I can't stop drinking these lately, the taste is much "lighter" than most ciders)

* Kyocera ceramic knives (esp. with butternut squash)
* Bumble and Bumble's Surf shampoo and conditioner

* Ultrazone laser tag as a family (best start to a Sunday morning)

* Paras and Dan, hung over, watching My Little Pony with the kids and telling us "this show is hysterical"
* Our first family meeting ("make your own path")
* Our new morning routine (with chores for the kids)
* "There's one rule for our basement - have fun. And I made it up." - P
* P and T playing together all morning on a lazy Saturday
* Laurie, Jon, Jenny, & Paras all in town for the night (and over for dinner), so wonderful to have so many far away friends in one place
* Two nights in a row of neighborhood parties (thank you Melissa and Trina!)
* "Lis called me a nerd. Nerds are really smart and quirky so I like that." - F
* "I'm a yogurtaholic and whoever doesn't know, now they do." - T
* P always patting my shoulder and saying "ya done good mom, ya done good."
* The return of Natalia
* Coach Emma (UK Petite Soccer), the best preschool coach ever
* P mastering her back hip circle
* T on drawing - "it's not scribble scrabble, it's a racecar going really fast."
* Happy hour with Alison at Lyon Hall
* T - "What's sarcasm?"/ P - "Sarcasm is just adults trying to be funny."
* The puppy and Coco playing for hours in the backyard
* This year's block party and Dan's 1st place win in the BBQ contest for his smoked brisket
* Lots of neighborhood Friday night happy hours (I love this place).


F - a great first day of school, awesome days, a nice house to live in and food to eat, that we have everything we need actually a little more than we need, laser tag, the puppy, a great week

P - going to birthday parties, Silver Diner, school starting, my birthday coming soon [well, actually not for 2 months], going to Menchies, Halloween, books, Project Runway, my back hip circle, Natalia, our new puppy, playdates, that you let us stay up late to watch all of Toy Story, soccer, drawing

T - my family, daddy coming home after dinner and walking with us, seeing all of my friends, going to school, Coach Emma

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