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Cold rainy days = lots of reading on the couch. Here are some of our recent favorites (and click here to read our former reviews):


Warning: Do Not Open This Book

me - Okay, so I pretty much love this book, it's super clever and short.

P (age 6) - Wait, now I get it - the monkeys are actually in the book (as she keeps opening and shutting the cover over and over).

T (age 4) - Read it again? Please!! It's so funny. I love the monkeys. And I love the trap. I like bananas too.

Chloe and the Lion

F (age 8) - I thought it was really funny because it was different than a regular story.

P (age 6) - I thought it was funny how the illustrator and author were part of the story and got in a fight with each other.

T (age 4) - I liked it because the man that draws the pictures was part of the story.

The Dark

T (age 4) - When it's midnight, I get really scared, so I snuggle with pink sheet. (me - T, are you going to review the book?)

P (age 6) - I'm not scared of the dark, I'm scared of the bad stuff that can happen when I'm in the dark. (me - Is anyone going to review the book?)

P - I thought the book was okay.

T - I thought it was funny that the dark talked. I wish the dark would talk in real life. Could you please read it again now?

Tap The Magic Tree

me - This is an interactive book, very similar to Press Here. (though I still like Press Here better)

T (age 4) - This is so fun [as he claps, points, etc.].

P (age 6) - Now please read it again mom, without doing what the tree tells us to do [so I read it again].

P - It's fake! It's fake! I knew it. The pages stay the same whether or not we follow the tree's directions.

T - Can we still read it again? It's still fun, I don't care if it's fake.

Digger, Dozer, Dumper

me - This book is a collection of poems about construction vehicles, the poems are actually pretty good.

T (age 4) - I want to drive an ambulance.

P (age 6) - I'd be a cherry picker so I could save cats. Even though I'm allergic to cats.

T - Trucks can't really think, can they? (me - Is anyone going to review the book?)

P - It was okay for a truck book.

T - I like it! I like trucks!


P (age 6) - I want to read it one more time.

T (age 4) - It's so cool! I liked when they got the TV and played in the box instead.

P - Do you know what's good about that? They learned that playing and having fun is more important than watching TV (me - seriously? I can't make this stuff up).

T - I liked how they hang out with Chloe instead of watching TV.

Night Shift

me - Lately this is T's favorite book, probably because it documents several different careers that he's never heard of before. Also, he likes to yell out all the jobs before I turn the pages.

T (age 4) - I like the newspaper printers because I love getting the newspaper in the morning. I also like the boats a lot. I learned a lot.


Flat Stanley Goes Camping

me - We have a hard time finding good early readers, but P seems to really like the Flat Stanley series.

P (age 6) - I liked it. It's about a flat boy. They get lost in the forest and he becomes a parachute and a boat. Eventually he saves the day.

CHAPTER BOOKS (note - these are purely F's reviews as I've never read these books (though I want to one day)).

Fake Mustache

F (age 8) - This was a really cool book. A boy named Casper buys a fake mustache that makes him become evil. Because it's so real looking his friend has to stop him from becoming president and taking over the world. Only two people aren't brainwashed by the mustache because they're the only ones who know it's fake. I really like that it shows kids saving the world and not adults. It was very exciting.

Phantom Tollbooth

F (age 8) - I liked this book, though there were some tragic parts like a lot of people had to run a lot, there were dangerous times. Even the end is a little sad but then Milo realizes, because of his adventures, that he has all the time in the world in his room. I liked the humbug and the watchdog and the Kings of numbers and letters. Milo makes the kings find peace. There were funny parts and it deals with how words work so it's a book that is better to read to yourself than to read out loud.

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  1. I was just reading The Dark at the library the other day! Excited to check some of the others out now, too.



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