Things to Do - Meet Your Neighbors

(I always love the picture after the picture)

I still can't quite grasp that October has begun, September just seemed to slip away so easily, like a good happy hour (of which September contained many). I had so many places I wanted to visit (the Renaissance Festival, Harpers Ferry, Calvert Cliffs, Hillwood Estate), but most weekends we ended up staying close to home - reading books, playing board games, and walking to the playground (though we did spend a wonderful Sunday morning attacking the enemy during family laser tag). Anyways, a five day weekend is coming up soon, so hopefully we'll venture out a bit more and I'll have some new places to post about.

Luckily, we live in a pretty wonderful place - as I was reminded last weekend during our annual block party. On Sunday night, Dan and I attended a rather depressing play (Detroit at Wooly Mammoth) about (among other things) the fall of "neighborhoods." But here in South Arlington, we're still going strong. This was our block's 13th street party and our neighbors now have it down to a science. For true happiness you need: a keg, a bounce house, movies on the lawn, Japanese lanterns at night, an ultra competitive egg toss (or maybe that was just my husband), homemade barbeque, wonderful friends, and always new-to-me neighbors to meet.

I know South Arlington is considered lesser than our upscale neighbor to the North, but we love it here.


A huge garbage bag full of outgrown clothes "hides" in T's closet. Apparently he found it on Saturday and chose to wear a size 3 PJ shirt from last year. When a 10 year old boy walks past your preschool age son and says "wow, that's a short shirt", you know that his wardrobe could use some work.


The egg toss is sort of a big deal, only one team wins a year, talk about pressure (and bragging rights). I'm usually out by the second round (sorry Adrienne!)


Coco is alive and well. She camped out on the concrete and didn't move much after the first three hours or so.


I was so excited when the neighbors started lighting these lanterns. They look so beautiful against a dark night sky.

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