Places to Go - Two Fun, Easy Prepackaged Children's Birthday Parties - Bowie Baysox & Kettler Iceplex


For T's 5th birthday he wanted to take a few of his besties to a Nationals game. At first, this seemed easy enough, but I worried about the responsibility involved with bringing 5 preschool-aged children to such a crowded place. So when one of my friends told me about Bowie Baysox birthday parties, I liked the idea of a much less stressful baseball option.

The party comes with covered picnic table seating (so you can both eat and watch the game), food for everyone, and unlimited passes to Louie's Kids Park (which contains a carousel, bounce house, batting games, and more). Plus, the birthday child can announce a batter live over the loudspeaker and tour the stadium. Pretty cool.

Not surprisingly, none of the kids spent much time watching the baseball game (the Baysox lost), but all in all the party was a success (and SUPER easy). Click here for more info.



Somewhere along the way I realized that I never posted about P's 7th birthday party, which isn't good as there's always a chance that some day in the far far future P might choose to peruse this blog and wonder how we neglected to celebrate such events. Anyways, this year for her birthday P REALLY wanted an ice skating party, which seemed like an odd choice as nobody in our family knows how to ice skate (P went ice skating with a friend a few weeks before and decided she NEEDED to celebrate her birthday by gliding around in circles).

Luckily, a birthday party at Kettlers proved easy enough. The party comes with pizza and drinks, which the kids eat in a private party room prior to skating. The skating portion of the party coincides with public skate and includes skate rentals for every invitee. You can pay extra for a 30 minute group skating lesson in case some children haven't been before.

The party lasts about 3 hours, which proved a little too long for most of the girls. But all in all, it was super easy and pretty fun. Click here for more info.

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