Things to Do - Grateful List (May 2014)

wax (2 of 2)
wax (1 of 2)

* Reading Ha Jin's A Good Fall
* The Kid Should See This blog
* Girls, Season 3 (wonderfulness)

* Longbranch Nature Center with T and Jules on a 75 degree day
* Dan "taxi-ing" all the kids on the tag-along
* Pedicures for Mommy/Freya day
* A Mother's Day family hike from Riverbend Park to Great Falls

* Family veggie dinner night - brussels sprouts, sweet potato fries, and cauliflower
* The healthy margarita - lime, cilantro, romaine, and pineapple

* Turkish towels from Bathstyle
* The Spiralizer Tri-Blade Vegetable Slicer (for zoodles)

* P cleaning her room - "first we did big improvements, then we moved on to Roombie, and now we're working on small improvements that really make a difference."
* Waking up to open windows and the sound of rain
* Flicks at the Frieds
* 10 pounds gone
* F as Laura Ingalls Wilder for wax museum night

VACATION (Assateague Island MD; Corolla, NC)
* Swimming and camping on the beach
* Fishing and playing soccer at Currituck Heritage Park while we waited for our beach house to be ready
* Coronas on the beach
* "Cheerleading" moms
* Duck Donuts (as always)
* Watching a thunderstorm come in over the ocean
* The NC Aquarium (esp. the turtle rescue)
* A house full of good friends


F - That I'm Laura Ingalls Wilder, that everything is so great, a great family, a great vacation, swimming in the ocean, playing German Sherpard-opoly

P - Everything I like, everything I love, everyone that I love, that Coco's okay, playdates, that we're all safe and sound, estee, the beach, the pool, finding seashells, a lot of other stuff, going on vacation, petting the stingrays

T - going to the nature center with Jules, a nice house to live in and food to eat, going camping, my new bow and arrow, playdates with Mateo, going to the beach with all my friends

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