Things to Do - 12 in 12 (June 2014)

Thursday, June 12th was sort of a grey day. Still we made the best of it.

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8:30 am - T's grandma gave him an awesome ninja castle for his b-day. I'm still not sure where to put it, so for now the kitchen table is home.

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noon - T spent the morning at a playdate while I went to the health club. When he arrived home, he worked on a scavenger hunt list, which proved interesting as he still can't write.

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1:30 - Meet up with some friends at Huntley Meadows. I think we saw the muskrat. This is sort of a big deal everyone.

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2:00 pm - Still at Huntley, the boys hang on the fence while we check out the views.

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3:40 pm - Pick up the girls from school. We decide to skip swim practice because of the rain.


4:00 pm - Head to P. Brennans Irish Pub to watch the opening game of the World Cup - Brazil vs. Croatia.

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5:30 pm - Still world-cupping.

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6:30 pm - Walk home from the bar.

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7:30 pm - Before bed dog walk.

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9:00 pm - Moms' wine night at Red Rocks.

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11:00 pm - The group that made it til last call.

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