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A few weeks ago I participated in Molly Flanagan's fantastic Visual Storytelling class through the Define School. The wonderful thing about online classes is you meet photographers from all over the world with lives so different from your own. We decided to start a group blog to document our days. Each post will focus on a different time of day, we chose mornings to begin.

Posted above our some of my favorite "morning" photos from our beach vacation. The great thing about vacationing with other families is you can photograph an adorable toddler without having to take care of an actual toddler (oh how I hated swim diapers).

Happy Monday Everyone!! Now click on over and check out This Untamed Life.

And posted below are some random links for your Monday, because some Mondays need a little randomness.


* A Game of Thrones vacation. Sounds gorgeous.

* A Woman in Science - isn't this tumblr beautiful? (link via A Cup of Jo)

* Gwyneth has the scoop on alternative sweeteners (plus some wonderful recipes).

* 54 Films Not to Be Missed. I'm curious.

* Oh, how I wish I could sew. I'd wear this this dress all summer long. (If any readers know of someone in the DC area who gives private lessons, please contact me. I've tried Craigs List and had no luck).

* Trader Joe's now sells cold pressed juice for only $5 a pop. I'm pretty excited about this.

* School for acrobats.

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