Places to Go (Vacation) - A House Full of Friends in the Outer Banks (Corolla, NC) & Cherish This Day


Last year we had so much fun in Corolla, NC for the week of Memorial Day (click here for 2013's photos) that we decided to return this year. We mentioned it to a few of our friends, who mentioned it to a few of their friends and soon we had 6 wonderful families committed to vacationing together (12 adults, 13 kids).

Planning a group vacation always causes some anxiety for me (what if our parenting styles don't mesh? what if people don't get along? what if it feels awkward?). Luckily, we all had an amazingly good time - turns out it really does take a village (or, at least, villages are more fun). Parents took watching kids in the ocean, making huge (and amazing) meals, negotiating screen time disputes, etc.

And every day at 4 pm, us adults gathered together for Coronas on the beach (actually, I should say we STARTED at 4).

Really, I could not feel more blessed to have such an amazing group of neighbors/friends/crazy people in my life. Now click on over to Cherish This Day to see some wonderful photos.


Every beach vacation requires a few (or more rounds) of Cards Against Humanity. Just to keep the sarcasm flowing.


Sometimes a group of 20-somethings invites a group of 30-40 year old dads to play football. And the dads win. This was a BIG deal everyone.


The end!! Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. oh my these are so fab!!! LOVE the pool playing photo!!! what a cool time, i've always wanted to see the Outer Banks!!

  2. Oh WOW I love everything about this and your editing is just beautiful. Love that the Mama's got a photograph and some of my favorites are the group shots, you made them so interesting.

  3. Darcy, this is Doug, I am now following your Blog! on the pool picture, how funny would it have been if we would have had beer bottles and the girls sucking on Cigars.......great pics.



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