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I can't remember how/when we first came up with the idea of biannual solstice celebrations. I foggily remember reading that if you raise your children without any religious doctrines then you should try to establish some sort of family tradition or celebration. And the solstice just made sense, as both the winter and summer versions occur right before school vacations. So we went with it.

Our first solstice party was a small affair, but over the years the party became bigger and bigger. So this summer we decided to go "all out" - we obtained a permit to close down the block and provided 2 bounce houses (one for big kids, one for little kids), face painting, and balloon animals (which, luckily, can all be rented for reasonable prices through Arlington County's TEAM program). A friend brought a snow cone maker and tables (we REALLY needed the tables). We bought kegs and juice boxes. Dan made gumbo. And everyone else provided lots of other alcohol, apps, desserts (it really does take a village).

And I think we all had a pretty good time (or so I'd like to believe). Anyways, I didn't have time to take many photos, but here are a few moments I managed to capture.

HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!! I HOPE YOUR SUMMERS ARE ALL OFF TO A GREAT START!! Now click on over to Cherish This Day for your weekly dose of amazing.

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  1. LOVE! your dress is fab. We do a solstice-y thing as well (#noreligion) and I think I managed to convince J that June 21 is indeed the most magical day of the year behind Halloween. :)



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