Places to Go - Running Through Neon and Learning About Iran at the Hirshhorn (Washington DC) & Cherish This Day


Usually, I view the beginning of summer like a race, as in "let's DO STUFF!!" bucket lists. tours. museums. parks. bring it on. And that can be fun. But this year, we're summering at a slower pace. Lazy afternoons at the pool. Sleeping in until 9. Dog walks around the neighborhood. Lots of time reading books on the couch and fighting over the ipad.


Anyways, after twelve days of lazy, I decided late last week that we needed some culture. We tried to find the Folklife festival but apparently this year they changed the location.

So we ended up at my favorite DC museum, the Hirshhorn, where Shirn Neshat's "Facing History" Exhibition currently occupies the entire second floor. Neshat's photographs and movies, which focus on Iran's treatment of women, weren't exactly "fun" for children. But now the kids all realize that women's rights should never be taken for granted (they also were oddly fascinated by Neshat's movies, we stayed to watch each one in its entirety). And T saw photos of guns, so he was happy.

After the Neshat exhibit, everyone had a blast exploring, Dan Flavin in the basement (neon is fun!!) and Ernesto Neto's The Dangerous Logic of Wooing in the At the Hub of Things exhibit.

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! Where have you adventured this summer? Don't forget to check out this week's awesome over at Cherish This Day.


I love that they're not too old for the carousel. Is anyone ever too old for the carousel?

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