Things to Do - Grateful List (June 2015)

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* Reading Displacement (graphic novel)
* Reading Girl in a Band: A Memoir
* Rewatching Before Sunset (and crying)
* Watching Ex Machina at the Cinema Drafthouse
* Watching Inside Out
* Watching Nightcrawler (Netflix streaming)
* Attending Book of Mormom at the Kennedy Center

* Peach rum and ginger beer (this is my drink of the summer)
* The girls making fried apples all the time (which was so cute, until it became SO ANNOYING)
* The salads in Persiana: Recipes from the Middle East & beyond

* Chaperoning the 3rd grade field trip to the National Mall's monuments (when the kids were little, it would take HOURS to walk from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument and now it takes a few minutes)
* Camping in Senecca Rocks, WV and touring Smoke Hole Caverns
* Watching the Women's World Cup at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse (go USA!!!)
* Medieval Times for T's birthday
* Another great summer at the apartment pool
* The Museum of Crime and Punishment with Allegra and the girls (T has been asking to go here all year)
* Bull Run's Ice Cream family mud run with the kids (so much fun, even in the rain; well, mostly)
* A 75 degree day hiking/ playing in the stream at Potomac Overlook Park and seeing deer under the overpass(Arlington, VA)

* A week of happy hours and parties
* Sunday morning family dance parties to Bizarre Inc. ("Why waste your time, you know you're gonna be mine")
* T's kindergarten good citizenship award; straight As for F
* Fireflies in our front yard
* Our second annual close-down-the-block summer solstice party
* The beginning of summer and lazy mornings without TV
* P's 8th birthday pool party sleepover (even though she turned 8 in November)
* After the thunderstorm, a bright orange red sky


F - camping, Minions, books, Garfield comic books, clean water, my family, a nice house to live in and food to eat, that everything's so great

P - camping with our friends, early release, my soccer party, my half-birthday party, T's birthday, my family

T - my knife, that we went to the beach, that we went camping, my new toy gun, my birthday, my other new toy gun, Medievil Times, my new light up sword, knights fighting, watching the World Cup, USA winning

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