Things to Do - Summer Solsticing


Throughout my childhood, I (somewhat superstitiously) believed that the way one celebrated the last day of school dictated the entire summer's awesomeness.

I always hated the feeling, after weeks' worth of of excitement centered on the last day of school, that all of a sudden everything ends. A quiet house. Confusion on what came next. The realization that you would suddenly miss people who up to this point you'd taken for granted you would see every day.

Anyways, I don't think our summer solstice celebration resulted directly from childhood superstitions, but there is something wonderful about heralding in the beginning of a season. Good friends. LOTS of good friends. A keg. Snow cones. Multiple bounce houses. Water balloons and a hose. All of a sudden the long nights feel full of possibility. No ends, only beginnings.

I was too busy hosting to spend much time on photos, lucky, my friend Hector borrowed my camera for an hour or so and captured the fabulous shots posted above.

HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!! (And, yes, I know the solstice is already old news, but everything moves slower in summer, including, but not limited to, blogging motivation).


Happy the dog really knows how to terrify a toddler. This is also a great example of why REAL firearms should be locked away at all times.

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