Things to Do - Grateful List (December 2016)

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This photo is like an optical illusion, can you find the 7th kid? (I didn't use photoshop).

Happy Friday everyone!!

* Watching La La Land in the theater as a family (F loved it; whereas T yelled during the credits "that was the most boringest movie ever!"
* Watching Rogue 1 in the theater as a family (F and I fell asleep; whereas T loved it! P, as always, was neutral)
* T reading Captain Underpants on the couch all afternoon
* Watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Season 1 (I love this show!!)
* Watching Better Things, Season 1
* Attending Second City at the Arlington Drafthouse with friends and neighbors
* Watching an all day Project Runway marathon with P and F
* Reading Jerusalem (so good!!)

* Dan grew a lemon (on the lemon tree!)
* TJ's ugly sweater cookie kit
* Georgetown Glow and dinner at Farmer, Fishers, and Bakers

* Taking 7 cool kids to the Hirschhorn's Ragnar Kjartansson exhibit
* A day to myself at Spaworld
* Visiting the African-American History Museum (an excellent addition to the National Mall)
* Date night with Dan - Jaleo and a Capitals game

* The fujifilm instax mini camera (love all the snapshots!)
* The Oregon Trail and Love Letter for family game night

* Isla (age 4) - "How do you write T's name, I'm trying to make a love card for him?"; "Now can you write, 'Isla loves T'"?
* F volunteering to clean our bathrooms
* Straight As for both girls
* The girls' excitement over their basketball teams
* F and P's winter concert (F on cello and flute; P on flute)
* A great night of neighborhood Christmas parties
* Neighborhood solstice mom/kid happy hour (which was fun despite the kids breaking our TV)
* Playing Agricola at Christmas

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