Things to Eat - Seven Week Meal Plan (mid-November through the end of December)

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Something is very wrong with this photo. Oh well, the holidays are always a little crazy.


MONDAY - Chipotle.

TUESDAY - Greek egg soup (via Epicurious), pierogies, and kale chips. I make this soup for lunch a lot, so I was hoping the whole family would like it, but no such luck. Oh well, it's still a personal fave.

WEDNESDAY - Dinner at a friend's house. Dan feeds himself and the kids.

THURSDAY - Dan makes steak and potatoes.

FRIDAY - Leftovers.

SATURDAY - Dan makes steamed dumplings and potatoes.

SUNDAY - Dan makes fish.


MONDAY - Italian sausage stew with potatoes and cabbage (via Three Many Cooks). This is one of our favorite fall/winter meals. So good.

TUESDAY - Polenta pizzas and cauliflower/corn tacos (both recipes from The Forest Feast). I'm in love with these tacos.

WEDNESDAY - Chili with fritos (via Cravings). The kids were so excited to have fritos I was nervous they'd forget to eat any of the chili.

THURSDAY - Thanksgiving at our house, Dan makes an amazing feast.

FRIDAY - Dinner out with friends at Tupelo Honey.

SATURDAY - Leftovers

SUNDAY - Dan makes steak and black bean fajitas (and they were crazy good).


MONDAY - Eggplant pasta sauce and spaghetti (via Food52 Genius Recipes: 100 Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook) & "Use A Spoon" chopped salad (via Food52 Genius Recipes: 100 Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook). The kids didn't love the eggplant, but they all (somewhat shockingly) loved the salad. I'll call that a win.

TUESDAY - Vegetarian tortilla soup (via Cravings). The kids (surprisingly) loved this. T even asked for multiple servings.

WEDNESDAY - Pancakes for dinner.

THURSDAY - Dan makes brisket in the slow cooker.

FRIDAY - Make your own pizza night.

SATURDAY - Dinner club with our neighbors.

SUNDAY - Homemade pizza at our neighbor's house (yum!!).


MONDAY - Sausages and peppers in the slow cooker (hot dogs for T).

TUESDAY - Vegetarian tacos two ways - black bean and cauliflower with corn (cauliflower tacos via The Forest Feast).

WEDNESDAY - Georgetown Glow and dinner at Farmers, Fishers, and Bakers.

THURSDAY - Frozen pizza before the girls' winter concert.

FRIDAY - Dinner at the Arlington Cinema Drafthouse during Second City's Holiday Review (the kids have mac and cheese at home).

SATURDAY - Sandwiches.

SUNDAY - Chicken with bacon and brussels sprouts (via Dinner A Love Story, the cookbook).


MONDAY - Pasta with kale and white beans (via The Forest Feast).

TUESDAY - Nachos (yes, super lazy).

WEDNESDAY - Dinner at Magionos before Dave and Busters.

THURSDAY - Green salad (via The Forest Feast) and leftovers from last night. BEST SALAD EVER!

FRIDAY - Burrito bowls (black beans, slow cooker carnitas, cheese, tomatoes and homemade chiplote salsa (the salas is via It's All Good).

SATURDAY - Dinner at various neighborhood Christmas parties.

SUNDAY - Dan makes cod and roasted potatoes.


MONDAY - Frozen pizza.

TUESDAY - Vegetarian tortilla soup (via Cravings).

WEDNESDAY - Dinner/apps at happy hour.

THURSDAY - Lost Dog carry out.

FRIDAY - Orecchiette with sweet sausage bolognese (via How to Celebrate Everything). We're all pretty much in love with this recipe.

SATURDAY - Dan makes Christmas Eve dinner for his family - cod cakes (via Jerusalem) and roasted potatoes.

SUNDAY - Christmas dinner with Dan's family.


MONDAY - Leftovers.

TUESDAY - Dan makes roasted potatoes and cod.

WEDNESDAY - Leftovers.

THURSDAY - Jaleo and hockey game for date night.

FRIDAY - Perogies and quinoa/tomato salad.

SATURDAY - NYE/the last day of Hanukkah at our neighbor's house - latkes and potato pancakes.

SUNDAY - Taylor Gourmet.

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