Places to Go - Huntley Meadows in Spring (Alexandria, VA)



I've already posted about Huntley Meadows in the fall (click here for my previous post), but this place is so beautiful and kid-friendly that we try to make it once each season (at a minimum). My kids love the number signs/maps that show where you are on the trail (#5 is pictured above), they like to race from one sign to the next. Huntley especially rocks in the spring (yes, I just used "rocks" as a verb, I'm tired today) as all the green starts to peak through the blankets of dead leaves (soon, if not already, the wildflowers will bloom). On the day that we went, all three kids ran and ran with F proclaiming "wow, mom, I never realized it was THIS pretty here." So we'll be back. Of course. We didn't spot any major wildlife but we ran into a family who saw two turtles and a bunch of frogs, so I guess we just didn't look closely enough. Maybe next time.



By the way, the girls decided to buy and wear matching dresses, I had nothing to do with it.


  1. These are such beautiful pictures! Love the color of their outfits within nature!!! SO cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sara has the same "Rainbow Dress," too!! So cute!! :-)



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