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For the last few months, in the afternoons the girls have played together in their room while T and I chilled together in the family room. I've worried on and off about the fact that T is often left out, but friends have advised me that sibling relationships have a tendency to change. Well, change has arrived. Lately, F's become obsessed with learning to read, so while F sits with her face in a book P's taken on the roll of T's mentor and friend. And some days it really is the cutest thing ever. Though wow, when the youngest two get together they tend to wreck some havoc.



*So true. And perfectly stated. A must-read.

*Best Ikea-hack ever.

*Roasted strawberries = yum. Recipe here.

*Covet garden is a great online interior design magazine, very artsy. Check it out here.

*Wow, these are all so cute, especially the squirrel lamp.


*My favorite song ever LIVE. and perfect.

*This collection of "beautiful decay" photos is just gorgeous. Kelley's pinterest files are so beautiful, I could get lost in them for days (seriously).

*Everything about this site is wrong and awful but I can't stop looking at it. It's the internet equivelant of Jagermeister shots (tastes icky, feels bad, but yet, when I was 20, I did them anyways). But then again, it's nice to realize that celebrity parents have issues too. Thank god my kids' tantrums aren't recorded by paparazzi.

*If you live in the DC area and love baseball - this looks like an awesome deal.

*Beautiful spring photos.



  1. Hey wait, that's me...just did a double take. Thanks for the mention! What a lovely surprise!
    BTW, your parks post is such a great resource. Some hidden treasures right nearby that I need to explore. xo K



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