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Until I had children, I didn't think much about Easter (or spring in general). In college, Easter always seemed to fall around midterms and I remember it as a call to study more (yes, I was and am that dorky). But then I had children and Easter has become quite the event in our house. I love the simplicity of it - unlike Santa, the Easter Bunny only brings a few small presents. And nothing emphasizes the joys of spring like hunting for eggs outside.

F's become so enthralled with Easter that she asked me to buy bunny snacks to give to all her friends at school. What I didn't realize was that she expected them to be wrapped and "pretty." So the other night we got out the tissue paper, the bird stamp (available here), and some silver ribbon. I think they turned out rather nice, don't you?


It's amazing what you can buy from the $1 aisle at Target. I originally bought the ears for the girls until my mother-in-law questioned the appropriateness of such attire. I didn't even think of all the awful associations between bunnies and the objectification of women until my MIL mentioned it. Does my ignorance symbolize progress or regression? I wish I knew. In the meantime, the ears have been passed on to T and he wears them well.

Postcript - According to Wikipedia, the Palms in Vegas has brought back the Playboy bunny. Hence answering my own question: regression.


*So pretty.

*Loving these 1920s photos.

*After the Fall. Wonderfulness.

*I find this somewhat disturbing, yet so impressive.

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  1. The little Easter presents are so lovely! Kids love to create and have no inhibitions. My girls are over the giving of chocolate to their friends at Easter. I think it may be a "don't want pimples' thing? I do miss their craftiness.



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