Things to Do - Conversations with P


P - "Mom, I'm so glad you're a nice mommy, not like those scary, mean mommies."

me - "Thanks, P, wait, what scary, mean mommies?"

P - "You know, the kind we see in books and on your computer, I'm really scared of them. They seem really mean."

me - "What books? Where on my computer? What do they look like?"

P - "you know, just, scary. especially all the bandages and stuff."

me - [breathing a sigh of relief] "Oh P, those are MUMMIES not MOMMIES."

Have a great Monday everyone! And, if you're curious, the "mummy" on my computer is Josh Ritter's music video for this song, which is truly beautiful. I highly suggest checking it out.


*Take this quiz and for every correct answer the National Zoo gets 10 cents. Sounds like a win win to me.

*I love the idea of book and album pairings, I need to check some of these out.

*Amazing photos here.


*20 best last lines in literature, #1 is my favorite - “Yes,” I said. “Isn’t it pretty to think so?”

*Maybe I'm crazy, but I sort of like the idea of children's health club-type equipment. We could all use a treadmill in the winter.

*Great list of wonderful Etsy stores. Definitely worth a bookmark.

*I wish I owned this dress collection. Maybe it's time to go shopping.


march (14 of 14)

I took all the pictures of P while she talked with my mom on the phone (lately the two of them have been having 30 minute phone conversations, pretty cool). The drawings are all P's, I really like her people, there's something sort of Giacometti-like about them. or maybe I just look at too much kid art.


  1. Hhahha that was so cute. I used to get mixed up between mummies and mommies too. And I used to think the ATM was the money machine lol :)
    I love your daughter's bangs! They really suit her.

    Belly B

  2. What a conversation ;o) Made me laugh.
    Also love your daughters drawings. My daughter is somewhere in the same stage of drawing people and I just love it!



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