Things to Do - Blankets in the Yard


This year we finally sucked it up and hired a lawn service and the pleasure caused has been well worth the money spent. I used to dread hanging out in our yard during the spring, all around me were: bushes in need of pruning, lawn furniture in need of cleaning, dead grass, old mulch, and lots to do. But lately, while T (and sometimes P) naps, F and I like to throw a blanket on the grass and spend some time playing board games, reading books, and drawing pictures. I'm not much of an artist, but watching the kids create has inspired me to try sketching with them. So thank you, spring, I'm so glad you're here.


*Send a box and help Japan. Click here for the link. We sent our box out last Wednesday (the girls loved going through their old toys and hand me downs for what was needed).

*This video made my cry, in a good way.

*These might be the most beautiful handmade stuffed animals I've ever seen (and reasonably priced). I ordered a bunch for the kids for Easter and they're even more gorgeous in person.

*These online magazines celebrate local foods (season by season) for several regions across the US - how wonderful is that? (link via The Slow Life)

*These make me want to go camping. Now.

*I love this woman's hair. You have to see it. Really. How does one do this? Please let me know, I'm willing to work on it.

*So we're an Odyssey family, but I have to give Siennas their due - this Swagger wagon video is awesome!!

*This holi festival in the Bay Area looks like so much fun. I wonder if anywhere in DC hosts something similar?

*Tulips from the sky, gorgeous.

*50 Best Opening Lines in Music - They got me with the Kinks, Stone Roses, Leonard Cohen, LCD Soundsystem, and LL Cool J (wow, I'm old)

*In case anyone is wondering, this is how I would dress if I was rich. Maybe one day??


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  1. We have a gardener come approximately once a month, and it makes *such* a difference. He can do in an hour what it would take me 5-10 hours to do. I keep up with the garden in summer, and that's it.

    Happy spring! xo



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