Places to Go - The National Zoo in Summer (Washington DC)


In my opinion, the National Zoo in summer has an undeserved bad reputation. Yes, it is incredibly hot. But, unlike in the spring, the summer months bring fewer visitors - some days you practically have the whole place to yourself. So you can meander in the air-conditioned animal houses - watch the naked mole rats frolic, hope that the alligators move, wonder if the turtles still like each other, etc.

Ideally we try to visit in the morning, park in lot D at the bottom of the big hill and treat the zoo as a playground - the kids can spend and hour or so jumping on the bouncy pizza and running through the hamster tunnels. When they're ready to see animals - the kids' farm and the rainforests of Amazonia fill up the rest of our morning. And if you get hot? Misters and ice cream are scattered throughout the park. Wonderfulness.

If you're interested, the grounds of the zoo stay open from 6 am to 8 pm in summer (the buildings remain open from 10 am to 6 pm). Admission is free, but parking costs $16 for three hours. If you plan to visit more than a few times I highly recommend purchasing a membership, which comes with free parking and free cookies every visit. For more info, click here.


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*I love this floral gradient - wouldn't this be a fun project to try with kids?


Who doesn't want to play hide and seek in a giant olive?


Farm animals and misters = a happy summer.

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