Things to Make - Cardboard Boats

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This is another one of F's projects. While unloading the groceries F noticed that the Trader Joe's tomato packaging looks like a boat. So the kids painted their boats (only the inside, for reasons I don't really understand). Then we made flags out of construction paper and attached the flags to plastic straw poles using tape. We cemented the straws with air dry clay. Ideally, we would have waited at least a few hours for the clay to dry, but the kids wanted to play RIGHT AWAY. Imaginary rivers arose from blue construction paper and Star Wars figurines manned the sail. A good day, until T decided to put his boat in real water - it didn't last long. Next time we'll try to create with something waterproof. So go our summer days . . .

What have you been making this summer? I'd love to hear!

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