Places to Go (Vacation) - New Orleans, Part III - Out and About


I thought I'd take a ton of pictures in New Orleans, but I never really felt comfortable bringing the DSLR out to bars at night, which makes me a little sad because I feel like the pics I did take really don't capture a lot of our trip.

But on the other-hand, it really felt great to put the camera down for a few days. So goes life.

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! This is the last of the New Orleans' posts, next week back to reality (and kids).


*One living room 9 different ways. Sort of interesting to see each resident's unique style and ideas.

*The Columbia Pike Documentary Project - great photos of my neighborhood.

*Wrong Century - odd how our perception of beauty fluctuates with time.

*The fantastic machine that found the Higgs Boson - looks like something out of a science fiction film (link via Solstice).


This is us, relaxed.


Our fancy dinner with average food.


Some of the tombstones in these old cemeteries are so sad. Like the one above. Heart-wrenching.


The waterfront.


Apparently hipsters are not welcome. So be careful.

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