Things to Make - Rainbow Transfer Drawings



We learned about rainbow transfers on The Chocolate Muffin Tree (lots of good stuff over there). This is an easy and fun project that requires almost no materials - great for entertaining the kids while you make dinner.

Here's the scoop:

- Oil pastels (we use these) or crayons (though oil pastels work much better), plain white paper, and a pencil.

1. Fold the paper in half as if you're making a greeting card.

2. On the inside of the "card" (where the message usually goes) color with the oil pastels, make sure to fill up all of the space.

3. Close the card and draw a picture on the "front" using the pencil. Make sure to press down hard.

4. Now open the card and inside you'll have a rainbow drawing. Like magic.


When the kids finished rainbow transferring they colored their hands for awhile.

1 comment:

  1. Love the idea! Something to do today for the girls... thanks.



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